Creative Commons Licensing – a Quiet Revolution

How Creative Commons licences are being used to open up New Zealand’s educational resources, research, data, culture and heritage for sharing, adaptation and reuse Matt McGregor, the Public Lead of Creative Commons, Aotearoa New Zealand introduced the six Creative Commons licences. He explained How to get a Creative Commons licence … Continue reading

Security and privacy

Security and privacy issues continue to make the news. Here are some that I found interesting, significant or helpful, including: Various ideas and resources for managing passwords Alternatives to passwordsSecurity news Mobile security and resources Privacy What Google, governments, businesses and others know about you Some resources and measures to … Continue reading

Windows RIP XP Long live 8.1

Microsoft makes Windows free for select devices, announces universal Windows apps By Shawn Knight on April 2, 2014 Microsoft on Wednesday revealed plans to make Windows free for manufacturers to use on smartphones and tablets with screen sizes under nine inches. Furthermore, a future version of Windows for the … Continue reading



My name is William Mckee. I did a talk in February regarding the Python programming language. I found Bruce through the New Zealand Python users group mailing list. There had been much discussion in the post regarding getting some Python meetups/classes happen. Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch have monthly Python meetups. … Continue reading

Beware fake-capacity USB drives

Various Trademe members have comment that there are listings for very cheap 128GB, 256GB and 512GB USB Memory Keys appearing on the site. Please be aware that there is a large number of fake USB Memory Keys being sold on eBay in the USA and from China which the firmware … Continue reading

Found on the web 2013/10

Some items which you may find interesting or useful Some HOWTO’s and other hints mostly from PC World, some security and privacy alerts, software, some general news, Microsoft news, insight into censorship in China, explanation of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Encryption. Finally some light relief (this year’s IgNoble Prizes). … Continue reading

Potential NSA Involvement in a NIST RNG Standard

In August 2007, a young programmer in Microsoft’s Windows security group stood up to give a five-minute turbo talk at the annual Crypto conference in Santa Barbara. It was a Tuesday evening, part of the conference’s traditional rump session, when a hodge-podge of short talks are presented outside of the … Continue reading

New website and blogs

I met with Bruce today and have cleaned up some loose end on your new look website. Members can now become contributors or post comments and have conversations.

I suggest you all start here by commenting your likes and dislikes regarding look, format and content. It would be great to focus particularly and what new content you require. It is with your participation that the site will grow.