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The end of an error
It is the end of  the printed
PC World magazine

End of a era

PC World magazine has closed down. It is available online

The site now offers sections on smartphones and tablets, computers, gadgets, a business centre, home entertainment, cameras, and a forum

It is intended for the IT trade publications to continue.

First article

This is the new website of the Hamilton PC computer club. It’s registered and hosted on wordpress by The theme at time or writing is wp386, a throwback to the old BBS days. I’m sure everybody on the committee is going to absolutely loath it which should encourage them to rapidly learn how to administer WordPress so that they can find a better theme and replace it.

The new domain is a because Hamilton Computer Club Inc. is not a company, it’s an incorporated society which exists only to serve the membership. We’re one of the few computer clubs left in New Zealand, and we hope to be around for a while yet.


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