February Tutorials

Photos Graphics Posters


A demonstration of GIMP, Dark Table and Krita. Mostly photo image



A demonstration of gimp, inkscape and PowerPoint graphics and vector 


Ron uses a camera, Bill uses smartphone with 4 lenses

All these programs are Open Source, Multi Platform and Free.

Preview of 4 Free Photo/Graphics Programs (Gimp, Darktable, Krita, 




Gimp Preview


Poster in Powerpoint


Hamilton Computer Club

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60A Sare Crescent

Website: www.hamiltoncomputerclub.org.nz 

Email: hamiltoncomputerclub@gmail.com 

Cyber Security is Everyone’s Problem

Did you miss the demo/presentation that Dr. Sivadon Chaisiri (Boom) of the Cyber Security Lab, Dept of Computer Science,  University of Waikato gave us on November 13th? His picture of what is happening when we go on the internet  helped us understand the risks we expose ourselves to and how we should deal with them.

It is not the same as being there, but Boom has kindly given us a link to his October presentation so you won’t miss out completely.

It is certainly scary out there. Do you have any ideas to add on what makes us vulnerable and how to keep ourselves safe?

Roderick Aldridge

Creative Commons Licensing – a Quiet Revolution

How Creative Commons licences are being used to open up New Zealand’s educational resources, research, data, culture and heritage for sharing, adaptation and reuse

Matt McGregor, the Public Lead of Creative Commons, Aotearoa New Zealand introduced the six Creative Commons licences. He explained

  • How to get a Creative Commons licence
  • How to find free Creative Commons licensed works
  • Some of Aotearoa’s world leading open projects
  • How you can join in and help open up more of New Zealand’s publicly funded copyright works.

For all about creative licenses see Creative Commons Licenses Explained

Roderick Aldridge