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Beware fake-capacity USB drives

Various Trademe members have comment that there are listings for very cheap 128GB, 256GB and 512GB USB Memory Keys appearing on the site. Please be aware that there is a large number of fake USB Memory Keys being sold on eBay in the USA and from China which the firmware … Continue reading

Potential NSA Involvement in a NIST RNG Standard

In August 2007, a young programmer in Microsoft’s Windows security group stood up to give a five-minute turbo talk at the annual Crypto conference in Santa Barbara. It was a Tuesday evening, part of the conference’s traditional rump session, when a hodge-podge of short talks are presented outside of the … Continue reading

First article

This is the new website of the Hamilton PC computer club. It’s registered and hosted on wordpress by onlydomains.com. The theme at time or writing is wp386, a throwback to the old BBS days. I’m sure everybody on the committee is going to absolutely loath it which should encourage them … Continue reading