Computer Club Jr Members

Agreement for Junior Members of Hamilton Computer Club


A Junior member is anyone under 16.

The club exists for learning about computers and exploring new things. We don’t mind a little bit of games and facebook but if that’s all you want to do then you won’t really fit in.

Respect other members and their equipment.

Do not touch anyone else’s property (computers, phones, cameras, etc) without their permission.

Don’t be rowdy or disruptive

You can invite friends along but they will need to agree to our rules and sign this form. If you invite older family or friends (over 16) they will need to become proper members and pay $25 per year.

Lunch is a gold coin donation. If you don’t have money please bring your own food or go home for lunch. If you do pay, don’t be greedy and eat more than your share of the food.

If the club feels that you are not following these rules you may be asked to leave. The president of the club has the final say on this

All our members are equally valuable and we want eveyone to feel welcome here. If you feel that an older member is talking over you or treating you unfairly because of your age, please talk to the president of the club about it.


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