February Tutorials

Photos Graphics Posters Ron  A demonstration of GIMP, Dark Table and Krita. Mostly photo image manipulation  Bill A demonstration of gimp, inkscape and PowerPoint graphics and vector  graphics. Ron uses a camera, Bill uses smartphone with 4 lenses All these programs are Open Source, Multi Platform and Free. Preview of 4 Free Photo/Graphics Programs (Gimp, Darktable, Krita,  Inkscape) www.tinyurl.com/previewgraphics www.tinyurl.com/previewgraphics Gimp Preview www.tinyurl.com/gimppreview  Poster in Powerpoint www.tinyurl.com/powerpointposter  Hamilton Computer Club Fairfield Community House (Te Whare O Te Ata) 60A Sare Crescent Website: www.hamiltoncomputerclub.org.nz  Email: hamiltoncomputerclub@gmail.com 

Free.fm – Active Age on Air

On 3rd of April 2017 two members of Hamilton Computer Club (Rod and William) did a radio interview on Free.fm for the show Active Age on Air. In the interview with Margrit Neukomm they discussed the history of the club, how they got involved and what the club can do for you. … Continue reading