Windows RIP XP Long live 8.1

Microsoft makes Windows free for select devices, announces universal Windows apps

By Shawn Knight on April 2, 2014

Microsoft on Wednesday revealed plans to make Windows free for manufacturers to use on smartphones and tablets with screen sizes under nine inches. Furthermore, a future version of Windows for the Internet of Things will also be completely free – moves that will no doubt help the Redmond-based company better compete with Android and increase market share in the red-hot mobile sector.

Microsoft sweetens XP upgrade offers as support deadline nears

By Shawn Knight on March 21, 2014,

From now through June 15, XP users looking to move to a new system are eligible for a $100 discount on a qualifying machine priced at $599 or higher. A Microsoft rep said the deal will only show up for those who visit the Microsoft Store via a Windows XP machine in a clear nod to make sure that only XP users receive the savings.

Users that prefer to shop via brick and mortar can physically bring their XP machine to one of over 80 retail Microsoft stores across the country as proof of eligibility.

In addition to the $100 savings, buyers will also qualify for 90 days of free support and free data transfer. The data migration tool from Laplink was announced earlier this month and is available to all users free of charge from Microsoft’s website.

Windows XP is finally DEAD, right? Er, not quite.

Here’s what to do if you’re stuck with it
Lock down and look sharp, it’s the hackers’ game now
By Gavin Clarke, 8 Apr 2014

Today will be like no other day because it’s the last Patch Tuesday for Windows XP. Yet there’s good news if you’re still using XP. For starters, you’re not alone.

How do you protect yourself? Here’s some recommendations:

  • Edit your PC’s Windows registry so Office and media components don’t play or execute programs by default
  • Limit user rights to restrict things like browsing and email and also restrict the PC to run only “known good” apps
  • Control access to removable media and devices like smart phones, so viruses and other malware isn’t transported from machine to machine
  • Convert Windows XP machines into thin clients or virtualize the desktop
  • Create controlled zones of Windows XP machines, filtered via internet gateways to control inbound traffic as authorised
  • Apply all latest patches to the apps you’re running – and to Windows XP itself
  • Only run the latest versions of software such as Java and Flash
  • Install the latest anti-virus and anti-malware products from third parties onto your PCs
  • If you have upgraded, double check whether partner, customer or supplier connections to your network or PCs are using Windows XP
  • Move critical applications and users to server-based computing

 This changes everything: Microsoft slips WinXP holdouts $100 to buy new Windows 8 PCs

By Shaun Nichols, 22 Mar 2014

In an attempt to lure people off its 13-year-old Windows XP operating system, Microsoft will pay $100 to XP users who upgrade to a new Windows 8 PC.

The promotion, run via the Microsoft Store website, is open to users who ditch their Windows XP systems and buy new machines.

The money-off offer applies to PCs costing $699 or more that are bought from Redmond’s online shop. The deal – which throws in 90 days of tech support and a download of software to migrate files all for free – will run through 15 June, nine weeks after official support for Windows XP is set to expire on April 8.

Dealing With Unwanted Windows Updates

Microsoft has a guide on its site that suggests a number of solutions, including using the Add/Remove programs tool in the Control Panel to uninstall components left behind by older versions of Office.

4 Ways To Factory Reset Your Windows Computer

Danny Stieben On 26th March, 2014

  • Use the Recovery Partition
  • Use Recovery Discs
  • “Refresh” or “Reset” Windows 8
  • Reinstall Windows From Scratch

What you should know about Windows 8.1 Update

The soon-to-be-released Windows 8.1 Update brings minor improvements that favor those using a mouse — in other words, most Win8 users.

Anyone currently on Windows 8.1 will want the update; those who still haven’t made the Modern plunge won’t be impressed.

Future Windows 8.1 update will finally bring back the Start menu

New menu combines classic Start menu look with new Live Tiles.

by Andrew Cunningham – Apr 2, 2014

Six clicks: Weird tricks that will actually make you happier with Windows 8.1

Summary: Each new update chips away at the annoyances of Windows 8. Here are six power features that are new or improved with the Windows 8.1 update due in a couple of weeks.

By Ed Bott for The Ed Bott Report



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